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  • General Information

    Our support portals can be found here: -> Support for EN servers. -> Support for US servers.

    Please note that it's not possible to log into the support portal with your Runes of Magic account login details. You'll need to register a separate account to log into the support portal. It will also help us if you register your new support account with the same email address that you used for your Runes of Magic game account.

    - Registration Issues

    - Using the Knowledge Base

    - Ticket Tips

    - Response Times

    - Standard Responses

    - Ticket Status

    - Phone Support

    Why am I asked to contact the support and not offered help on the forum?

    We're all here to help you, however, the community team do not have access to the same database and admin tools that the support team are using.

    Please always contact the support for any of the following issues:

    - If the community team can't help you any further on the official forums.

    - If you've lost ingame items.

    - If you have questions or issues with billing or diamond purchases.

    - If you want to report another player for harassment, bug abuse or other violations.

    - If your account has been suspended or hacked.

    - If your guild has lost their leader.

    Why is support directing me to the community forums?

    There are a few issues which the support team can't assist you with, such as all game-related advice, questions and spoilers. While support will gladly take all your feedback and forward it to the relevant departments, they will always suggest to post your feedback, criticism and suggestions on forum too, so other users can contribute to the discussion.

    Got feedback or suggestions for this guide? Please forward those to a member of the EN Team via PM.

  • Registration Issues

    I tried to log into the support portal, and got an error message stating "Your username or password is incorrect".

    Usually this error appears if you've tried to login to the support portal with your Runes of Magic account details. You need a brand new account to access the support system. Please register a new Support account, using the same e-mail address that's linked to your Runes of Magic game account.

    When i try to register an account, I'm told that the selected email address is already in use or that the website contains an error.

    Oh no! If you don't remember registering with our support portal, you probably sent in a support ticket directly from the Runes of Magic game client, back when this was still possible. Previously, when the ingame reporting system was active, it automatically registered a support account for you. You can still access this account by clicking on the "Your Account" tab on the support website. You will find the "Forgot your username or password?" link which will enable you to retrieve your login credentials. Simply enter the same email address linked with your Runes of Magic account. You will receive an e-mail with all the information you need to access your support account.

    I forgot my password and/or username for my support account.

    You can request your login details here.

  • Using the Knowledge Base

    When searching the Knowledge Base, try to use keywords that are relevant to your topic. It sounds obvious, but if you're looking for answers about password issues, try "password". If your account has been suspended, why not try "blocked"? It's worth attempting a few different keywords to discover solutions in the Knowledge Base that might help, before creating a support ticket.

    I can't find the entry I'm looking for!

    The official Runes of Magic forum is also a useful source of information. The Knowledge Base is not your only source of information. You will find many guides and helpful topics in the forum sections too. For example, for all technical issues, you will find helpful guides and first hand help in our technical section here.

  • Ticket Tips

    The customer support representative keeps asking for more information. Why?

    The Knowledge Base (found in our support portal) might provide further details about what the support might need to know to be able to assist you further. If some or all of these details are missing in your initial ticket, the support representative may have to ask for those details in his first response. This could increase the time needed to resolve the ticket.

    Please check our Knowledge Base before contacting support, to double check which information is needed. For example, with lost ingame items, try to give as much detail as possible such as: name of the item, quantity, character name, approximate time of loss, server, location of the item before the loss (bank vault, inventory bag x slot y, chest, mail etc.). The more information you can provide, the better!

    My account was hacked, I contacted the customer support and only received standard responses. Why?

    Initially, a customer support representative will always ask you to take immediate steps for your account security, such as:

    - A complete scan of your computer for viruses and trojans, in addition to spyware or malware

    - A change of your email password for the email address tied to your game account

    - Change of all passwords for your Runes of Magic account, as well as support and forum logins

    If you suspect that your account was hacked, you must fulfill these mandatory requirements before the support assists you further. If support request that you change your account details, we strongly recommend that you comply, as it will shorten the length of time it takes to complete your request. Also please try to give as much information as possible regarding hacking situations; such as the approximate time/date when it happened.

    I don't have the feeling that support are taking my request seriously.

    Please keep in mind that the support representatives are human beings. They didn't steal your ingame items, bug your quest or harass you ingame. The support team are here to help you as best as they can.

    Things you shouldn't do:

    - Insults, Swearing, Threats

    - Spamming of multiple support tickets for the same issue

    This will only increase the waiting time of your ticket as well as others.

    - Requests on behalf of guild mates or friends

    The support can only assist those who have been identified as the account owner.

    - Sending support tickets from different email addresses than the one tied to your Runes of Magic account

    The support can only assist players who registered with the same e-mail tied to their Runes of Magic account.

    - Attempts at scamming, fraud or providing false information

    False information only blocks and hinders the support team from helping those who really need it! Please bear in mind that all the information you provide in a ticket can be checked and verified. You risk loosing your game account if you try to deceive the support team or try and claim items that didn't belong to you.

    I always get errors when i try to contact support!

    Please double check that you've filled out every mandatory field of the web form correctly. Some of the drop down menus are set to default which can be confusing. Also, you may have overlooked a field that needs an entry.

    Note: If you'd like to submit a request that includes a screenshot, please note that we currently only accept the .jpg format. You can always save your screenshot as the .jpg file format with basic tools such as Paint, simply by selecting the "Save as" option and choosing the .jpg file format.

  • Response Times

    How do the queues work?

    Before you submit your ticket, the support system will give you a popup with links to information from our Knowledge Base that might be relevant to your query. If this didn't help, proceed to submit your ticket.

    Once the ticket is placed in the queue, it will be given a time and date stamp. The support team usually works through the queues from oldest to latest tickets.

    To speed up the response time, please only update your ticket if you have additional information that might help support with your request. Each time a ticket is updated, the time and date stamps are also updated too. Updates such as "How much longer will this take?" will only slow down the response time, because your timestamp will be updated and your ticket will be put to the back of the queue.

    Depending on the number of tickets in the queue and the nature of your request it will take some time before support can respond. Even if an issue is really frustrating, please give our support team some time to reach your ticket, investigate the issue and then get back to you.

    You can always check the status of your ticket in the support portal under the "Your account" tab while logged in.

    Please also remember check your Junk e-mail folder from time to time, just in case a support response may have been blocked by your spam filter.

  • Standard Responses

    I only receive automatic email responses with predefined answers. Please help!

    All tickets in the system are read by our support team, and sometimes they may refer to another response, especially in the case of frequently asked questions.

    If you aren't satisfied with your response, please ensure that you reply within 72 hours, otherwise the system will automatically close your request.

    Even if the response comes from a customer support representative, I can't shake the feeling that he used predefined text blocks and templates.

    The support team read every ticket and try to respond appropriately to every request. Some situations require the same procedure and therefore we send out a similar response. Here are some examples:

    - Support need more information to deal with a particular issue, and need to request this. Since certain cases always requires the same information, we have templates in the ticket system to select from and use as a response. These templates are adjusted depending on what information is still needed.

    - Often tickets request ingame information that the support team can't provide, such as how to complete a quest. In this case the support representative will ask you to redirect your request to fellow players on the forum.

    - Need a reset of your secondary password? The procedure is identical for every request. Using a template as response speeds up the whole process.

    - With technical issues there are often multiple users experiencing the same problem. By using a template, we can deal with requests that have a similar approach or procedure faster and more effectively. This not only benefits you but also others with similar issues who might be waiting in the queue.

    Even if you have the feeling that a response is taken from a template, please take time and read the response thoroughly. The information you're looking for might have been included.

    To summarise, there will always be a real human being on the other side of the conversation, never a bot. The support team handle each case individually and as the conversation extends, the responses will become less predefined.

  • Ticket Status

    Your ticket could have one of the following statuses:

    - Unsolved

    The ticket is still in progress and awaiting a response from a customer support representative.

    - Solved/Closed

    The support team consider your request to be solved or closed. Usually, if your ticket was feedback or a bug report, this status will be given after thanking you for the report/feedback. These types of tickets won't remain open until the bug is solved or your suggestion/feedback implemented. This doesn't mean that your ticket has been disregarded. The feedback or bug report will be forwarded to the correct department, who may investigate or compile your feedback into a report.

    If you want to know whether a bug that you reported is fixed or your feedback has been implemented into the game in some way, please keep an eye on the community forums and the official patch notes.

    Tickets with the Solved/Closed status can always be reopened or updated, providing that you reply within 7 days.

    - Waiting

    The support representative needs further input from you and is waiting for your response. You must provide a response within 48 hours, otherwise the ticket will automatically be closed.

    - Updated

    You have updated your ticket with further information and the ticket is waiting for a support representative to review it and respond.

    Help! My ticket was closed but my problem hasn't been solved.

    Please update and duly reopen your ticket. Then please let us know why your problem isn't resolved and provide any information that might help us deal with your case.

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