Farming Energy of Justice in Tergothen Bay

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  • *This guide was created by Arak on the old Runes of Magic EU board.

    TB event (Public event)

    This event takes place in Tergothen Bay lvl(67-70) zone(current end zone) and it is 24/7.

    The way the event works is that you need to complete quests and turn them in before the timer runs out while you compete with other people. There are many quests that you can do but I'm going to focus on the ones which will get you the win in the event.

    When you open your map you will see Red Quest Marks.... those are the ones that give you „event points“. They will be easy to spot and there are a lot of them.

    The event timer is 20min long so you will need to complete the quests and turn them in those 20min. The event has a cooldown depending how long it takes to complete the current event. The points that quests give vary from 50-300 and of course we will focus on those which can be completed fastest and give the most points while doing this.

    There are 6000 points to fill before the timer runs out its not easy and prolly not possible for you to complete it solo if u are not well geared, mainly because quests that people do give 200-300 points to get all 6000 u need to do 20+ quests in 20min which is not easy. Which means u will prolly depend on other people doing the event at the same time as you.

    The rewards : Energy of Justice..... similar looking to Phirius Shells only red.

    1st place: 35 EoJ

    2nd place: 30 EoJ

    3rd place: 25 EoJ

    This event is done for only 1 reason, that is to get Hero stats, tho u can get Glorious stats ppl generally don't buy them because they can be farmed with shells from minigames.

    To buy Hero stats u need 210 EoJ(Energy of Justice) and u need to win the event!!!

    To buy Glorious stats u need 150 EoJ(Energy of Justice) and u need to be at least second!!!

    Ok lets get started. There are 4 NPC that will give in total of 8 quests which will give u 1930/6000 points which usually results in win.... keep in mind this is not 100% assured.

    1st: Tanya Mafina (1 quest)

    2nd: Aglo Antya (4 quests)

    3rd: Kodina Macevan (2 quests)

    4th: Makalov Felter (1 quest)

    Now you just need to focus on finishing the quests and don't pay attention to the timer because this is called "preloading" which means first u complete all the quests that those 4 npc's give you and don't turn them in instantly. U can wait until the next round to turn them in. To maximize the effects of this please turn in the quest in the row that is shown in the picture.

    Now comes the tricky part.....

    It's not a requirement but this is very advisable to have a mount with 70%+ movement speed, Galloping gale (Housekeeper's potion) + Horse care (Guild buff) + Lesser speed mount potion 7-30days (Item shop item) to assure maximum speed during the event because you will be competing against other people that 90% of them will have those things listed above.