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    There’s a new challenge waiting for the mightiest of Taborea’s adventurers! Dark forces around the Mystic Altar are up to no good and have created a distorted version of this ancient shrine. Only the bravest and most skillful heroes should rise to this challenge! Hence why a certain explorer who comes up short on both fronts is asking for your help: Loric has somewhat underestimated the dangers—and overestimated his abilities. Fortunately, there are sufficient treasures hidden in the depths of this parallel dimension to tempt a worthy champion... Are you ready for an adventure on which you will meet former allies and old friends? Are you prepared to have your skills stretched to their limit? Journey to the Ystra Highlands near Snowhorn to reach the Mystic Altar (Hard) on 25 April 2024. Bring a few capable friends on your journey, prepare well, and take on the seven bosses!

    The Mystic Altar (Hard)

    • Requirements: both classes at level 100 + Peak Levels unlocked and the Knowledge of the Ancestors quest from Shamar accepted
    • Entrance: Ystra Highlands near Snowhorn
    • Max. group size: 12 players

    Powerful Enemies

    The enemies should already be familiar to you from the first version of the Mystic Altar for level 45. But now they are much stronger and will surprise you with new attacks and tactics!

    • Flaming Nightmare
    • Evil Ice Spirit
    • Cursed Iron Golem
    • Razeela
    • Aukuda the Cursed
    • Dorlos

    You’ll also have to go toe to toe against a new boss:

    • Aukuda the Hero

    Outstanding Rewards

    Those who dare to venture into the new instance will be richly rewarded! You’ll receive the rewards directly from the defeated bosses, as well as from the various Chests of the Mystic, which you can exchange with Adventurer Loric.

    Mystic’s Accessories

    Look out for earrings, rings and necklaces with powerful new stats and set bonuses!

    • Accessories with Intelligence bonus: Astute Dark Mystic, Astute Sun Mystic and Astute Ancestral Mystic sets
    • Accessories with Wisdom bonus: Enlightened Dark Mystic, Enlightened Sun Mystic and Enlightened Ancestral Mystic sets
    • Accessories with Dexterity bonus: Quick Dark Mystic, Quick Sun Mystic and Quick Ancestral Mystic sets
    • Accessories with Strength bonus: Wrathful Dark Mystic, Wrathful Sun Mystic and Wrathful Ancestral Mystic sets
    • Accessories with Stamina bonus: Indomitable Dark Mystic, Indomitable Sun Mystic and Indomitable Ancestral Mystic sets

    Additional Rewards

    • Daily quest: Head to the new NPC Adventurer Loric at the instance entrance to receive the daily quest.
    • New titles
    • Peak Experience Points ... and much more!