Квест "Разработка мер противодействия"/Quest "Development of countermeasures"

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  • Доставить письма: Шадор, Ангрен, Кэлон и Эрин. Все сделал кроме Эрина. Где повелитель Эрина. В самом Эрине к нему не пускает данж. точек на карте нет, аддон Квест-лист ничего не показывает. Кто сталкивался, подскажите что делать??


    Deliver letters to: Shador, Angren, Kalon and Erin. I did everything except Erin. Where is the lord of Erin? In Erin itself the dungeon won't let him in. There are no points on the map, the Quest-List addon shows nothing. Who has encountered this, tell me what to do??

  • Aren is Northwest of Delanis. In one of these quests, the Lord of Aren is just outside the throne room of Delanis. Exit the throne room and turn right. He is at the bottom of the platform talking to his lover. At least I think that's him. It's been a while.

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  • However, if this is the quest where both quest chains join at the end of Limo, you may not have to finish it. Look to see if you have opened more quests either in Delanis or Land of Malevalence.

  • Ничего не получилось. никого там нет. Где искать директора Эрина неизвестно.


    It didn't work out. There's no one there. Where to look for the leader of Erin is unknown

    Места надо знать!!!

  • Проблема решилась(мне подсказали). Моклиф находится совсем в другом месте - в Даланисе где послы


    The problem was solved (I was told). Moklif is located in a completely different place - in Dalanis where the ambassadors

    Места надо знать!!!