Board Event - The Unusual Christmas Quiz

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  • The Unusual Christmas Quiz


    The time between Christmas and New Year's Eve is celebrated differently across the world. Every country has its own traditions and customs.

    The Runes of Magic Team wishes every player and their families a happy and relaxing time. This year we have decided to create an event where we keep the individual Christmas traditions in mind.

    This board event consists of 24 questions. 12 of those are identical for all communities and ask about the world of Taborea. The remaining 12 are different for each community. Your task is to answer those 24 questions and combine the resulting letters into a Christmassy phrase. Finally, you'll have to write a short Christmas poem containing this phrase.

    Deadline for entries is 05.01.2024


    Send your entry (phrase and poem) to:

    Please use the following template:



    If the game is played via Steam, the Steam ID has to be included, otherwise the entry has to be sent using an email that is linked to the game account.

    The Runes of Magic-Team reserves the right to alter the conditions, prizes or other details of this event at any time, if it becomes necessary due to unforseen circumstances.


    All participants receive:

    50* Universal postion
    5* Magic Instrument Collection Box

    20* Little Magic Biscuit

    1* Card – Crazed Papowaka

    The 15 best entries across all communities will receive these additional items:

    2* 50 Arcane Transmutor Charges

    30* Golden Sugar Watermelon

    1* Advanced Bind Lifter

    15* Phoenix's Redemption

  • We hope you have had relaxing and quiet days and wish you a happy new year!

    The event is over and we are working on the evaluation of your entries. As soon as the rewards are distributed, we will give you an update here. Participants who have not received anything after that point are asked to contact us via the support system.

    The support can be reached here:

    >>> Support - <<<

    Best regards,
    your eventteam


    (12:15:19)<SaitoHajime>steht doch dran, kineila ist voll super.

  • We apologise for the slightly longer waiting time.

    We have finished checking your entries and have sent out the event rewards today.

    The 15 main winners will be announced in the course of the next few days.

    If you have not received anything, please contact support.

    >>> Support - <<<

    Best regards from your event team


    (12:15:19)<SaitoHajime>steht doch dran, kineila ist voll super.

  • The winners of the board event have been selected.

    We apologize for the slightly longer delay, but there was a fierce competition for the first ranks.

    Despite a great number of entries fighting for the best spots we had to pick the 15 best ones.

    Here are the winners of the event:

    Nuru - Aynara

    Eternity - Kadmos

    Diragonack - Kadmos

    Nochnetonne - Aynara

    Niemandskönig - Kadmos

    Xiongxiong - Kadmos

    Arcko - Kadmos

    Asiaa - Gaia

    Kingxcool - Kadmos

    Fuijj - Kadmos

    Sukuna - Kadmos

    Drearia - Aynara

    Rigse - Gaia

    Ignatusss - Gaia

    Crycry - Gaia

    Congratulations to you


    (12:15:19)<SaitoHajime>steht doch dran, kineila ist voll super.