New Update: Reflection Of The Necropolis

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    Adventurers, brace yourself! Rumours of a new threat have been spreading in Taborea for some time. From the Dragonfang Ridge to the Redhill Mountains to the Syrbal Pass – everywhere there are whispers about a dark curse in the Necropolis of Mirrors. Even the eldest members of the Eye of Wisdom are concerned with the reports that have come to them...

    A small group of adventurers went close to the Necropolis of Mirrors to collect rare magic crystals. But the crystals’ magic seems to have taken on abnormal proportions. Through a dimensional tear, they were pulled deep into the cave and encountered incredibly strong monsters. Not all of the adventurers made it out again...

    The Necropolis of Mirrors (Hard)

    Are you feeling curious and adventurous? Then go to Aslan South from 19th October 2023 to get to the Necropolis of Mirrors (Hard), where mighty enemies await you. So take some of your hero friends with you to face the five boss opponents.

    • Requirements: both classes on level 100 + Peak Levels unlocked
    • Entrance: Southern Aslan Valley
    • Max. group size: 12 players

    Powerful Enemies

    The enemies in this instance should already be familiar to you from the first version of the Necropolis of Mirrors for levels 35-40. But now they are much stronger and surprise you with new attacks and tactics!

    • Magister Gumas
    • Androlier’s Shadow
    • Androlier’s Strength
    • Androlier’s Prisoner
    • Krodamon & Krodamar

    Outstanding Rewards

    Those who dare to venture into the depths of this instance will be richly rewarded! You’ll receive the rewards directly from the defeated bosses, as well as from the precious Chest of Mirrors, which you can find deep within the instance.

    Mirror Equipment

    Armor and weapon items with powerful new stats and set bonuses await you!

    • Cloth Armor for Mages: Mirror Mystery Set
    • Cloth Armor for Healers: Luminous Mirror Set
    • Leather Armor: Umbral Mirror Set
    • Chain Armor: Mirror Strength Set
    • Plate Armor: Mirror Bulwark Set
    • Various weapons + Off-hand

    Additional Rewards

    • Daily quests: To receive the daily quest, go to the new NPC Adventurer Calym in Howling Mountains (Logar).
    • New titles
    • Peak Experience Points

    Have fun, The RoM Team