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  • I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone who spent a lot of money and many hours to get to peak the level has been lowered....this game must close, it doesn't deserve the beware of players who believe in a company that takes advantage of them

  • You clearly have no idea what is going on. Runewaker is finally awake and they are making room for a new instance. If they don't lower the level of NP mobs, they will have to make the new instance even harder, requiring peak to be raised.

    Not everyone spent a bunch of hard-earned cash to get to XX. Some of us(most actually) took advantage of the special events. If you spent the money to get there, that was your choice.

    If you want the game to close, you have to contribute to the cause by closing your wallet.

  • you are protecting and making excuses for disservices that have lasted for years......I have been playing since the beta and you don't have to tell me anything about it, rather try to open your eyes about it, since it seems like yet another lie. continue like this .i'm fp2 so no prob

  • IF you are this disgruntled then why stay? Farmville will welcome you with open arms.

    It also amazes me how many people think it impresses us when they use phrases like "since the beta".

  • use your brain, up until now they haven't been so shameless in taking people for a ride 2 my "he's from the beta" should make you understand that before writing I have so many examples to give you that I don't speak without knowing much. Here is the meaning explained. At 44 I think I know how to evaluate things well. Now when you're done pointing fingers at me, you reason or you're 5 years old.if everyone is like you I understand why they make fun of us. have a nice evening

  • Welcome to Frogster

    online games are always under development in order to bring you the best possible gaming experience .

    its all one big beta test and it never stops being developed whether its being worked on or not .

    something changed ? hmmm ... ill bet they gots big plans .. big plans to roll out something new ... maybe something old .

    all online games have many unused features and systems that can be turned on off added removed who knows what secrets the engine is hiding ..

    F2p wizard . since frogster . stick around . have a seat . right over there ...

    this will be fun .

    waits for the next patch... :)

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  • ???

    Does anyone want to explain to me what Mr. "44 I know how to evaluate things" is even talking about?

    I'll explain to you what it means, that children sit in front of the television watching cartoons, adults use their brains and don't let themselves be taken for a ride unless they agree to do so.

  • ???

    Does anyone want to explain to me what Mr. "44 I know how to evaluate things" is even talking about?

    idk too^^ the first time in 3 years new content is within reach and something (peak lvl system) wich was criticized for years was improved. And yes, for me it's an improvement that you now only need ~peak 4 for Pantheon hm to got a 100% hit chance and later you'll need peak 18 to got the same effect or ~peak 10 with stuns in NoM hm. Thats much better for beginners and player that missed the big events with peak exp orbs

    so now is where I least want to complain in the last 5 years (okay, except maybe that panth has become a bit too easy, but that's ok with such an old ini). Oh and i also play since beta and there was a lot of shitty stuff happen since then so the more I appreciate the current development

  • Sarkas

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