Pantheon Adjustments

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  • I have some questions about the new patch, which will include news about the Pantheon instance.

    Reduced monster levels in New Pantheon Normal Mode (z255) and Hard Mode (z254) to 105.

    • So now with a 100(5) character, Will be possible to battle the mobs and bosses, with the "normal" ratio of missed hits?
    • What will now be the advantage of having a 100(20) character to do the instance?

    I would like to have more information about the decision to make this change.

    Is this a prelude to the release of a new map or instance?

    Many thanks

  • Bosses will be set to 108 if i am not mistaken.

    At peak 10 you should have pretty much the same hit rate as now o. Peak 20. .

    At peak 15 you will have 100% hit rate.

    Peak 20 will increase your critical hit rate i guess. (Once you go higher than boss level your crit rate increases :) that why we have 100% crit on low mobs)

    Also: casters will finally be viable dps again. Like mage/warrior or warlock/champ

  • There is nothing in the announcement about lowering bosses. Of course, there also is no definition that says "monsters" only means mobs. I guess we wait a day or two and see.

  • ^ That would be awesome but with how long Astral Energy has been chilling in the database, quests and all, I'm not holding my breath

    Since Beta 2009-03-05