Make Helveta precision pve only

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  • Suggestion: make helveta precision pve only with a new green stat group. Just like we have damage resist vs players only on our SW gear.

    Reason for the suggestion:

    Had a SW yesterday. Venom vs Paradox.

    Conclusion with the new rings since they are adopted more and more: Our heals are just perma dead with no way to survive.

    In the past resisit was a vital part of a heals defense against warlocks. Now that it simply gone.

    Its an indirect nerf to heals and that really was not neccessary. To play heal in a high level SW is already ass the way it was before. Now it has just gotten worse.

    (Same goes for rogues since they dont dodge anything even with dodge active)

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  • Or remove the precision completly (or change it with something else like additional % critical dmg oder magic power or physical dmg) since it's useless now :D