Скрытые квесты

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  • В локациях Берег Слез, Дикие Земли итд есть скрытые квесты. В титулах также видно невыполнение. Сейчас у меня Остались невыполненные титулы "Хранитель меча", "Счастливое возвращение" в Диких Землях.

    Где их сделать?


    In the locations of the Shore of Tears, Wildlands, etc. there are hidden quests. The titles also show failure. Now I have unfulfilled titles "Keeper of the sword", "Happy return" in the Wildlands.

    Where to make them?

  • There are several hidden quests throughout the game, most don't block titles though.
    I'm betting the one OP is missing is from a tiny little bag located around 63, 30 in Savage Lands

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  • Shore of Tears is probably Weeping Coast. Wildlands I would guess to be Savage Lands. I am not aware of any hidden quests in those locations. Anyone else?

    Oh, boy - there's loads of them. There's two of the Epic quest lines hidden in these lands too!

    50-52: Weeping Coast

    • Whilst collecting "Pirate Goods Samples" for the quest "Pirate Work", you will also obtain a "Suspicious Looking Sample" which starts a quest line when right-clicked.
      (There is some debate as to whether this opens up the quest line for the Heart of the Ocean instance.)
    • As you collect "Stone Carvings" during the quest "Applause for Them", you will also pick up a "Beautiful Stone Carving" as well. Maybeli Mamila will be quite interested in this item after you right-click it.
    • At Naga Outpost, there is an in-game event running every few hours that spawns a boss, Moriargy, at the end. If you can make a suitable party & kill Moriargy, he drops his "Naga Commander Emblem" which gives a once-per-day daily quest.
    • Instance: Heart of the Ocean (53+)
      • Teeth of the Reef will drop a "Broken Harpoon". Only 1 member of the party can loot it but it gives a quest when rightclicked.
    • Epic: 10,000 Years of Slavery
      • You can find 2 Tiktaalik Reavers that appear to be menacing a 'goblin'? Kill the 2 Tiktaalik Reaver's and Gubuth the Woodspirit will offer you a quest.
        (This quest is the start of the 3rd epic quest line, 1000 Years of Slavery.)

    52-54: Savage Lands

    • Big Kuman has eaten a "Crystal Necklace" that you can retrieve by killing him. Right-click the necklace to accept the quest.
    • Whilst you are Confronting the Giant Ape King, you will obtain a "Special Jewel" from the pillar behind him. Right-click it to obtain a quest.
    • In Demon's Scar, there are three 'phantoms' that are slightly different from the rest. Furious Kyle, Furious Rudd and Furious Hanz all drop a part of a Stone Tablet.
      When you have all 3 pieces, right-click one of them to combine them and the resulting Stone Tablet will give a quest when you right-click it.
    • In the Kilanche Fungus Forest, one of the Fungus Guards will drop a "Secret Note" that has a quest attached to it. Right-click it!
    • As you find the source of the pollution in the Kilanche Fungus Forest, a Zurhidon will attack you.
      Upon killing him, you will gain a "Communication Note". It will offer a quest if you right-click it.
    • After you help Shabasitin defeat Wokis, there will be a "Dirty Bag" lying on the ground where you first encountered her. Inside the dirty bag are 3 items but the "Key" will give a quest on right-click.
    • The Naga Priestess in the cave at Lake Heron will drop a "Suspicious-looking Letter" that will qive a quest when right-clicked.
    • Epic: The Great Barrier
      • When Yell Fendt asks you to collect an "Ancient Book" from the Green Tower, you need to collect "Cloudbell Rose Petals" and "Wild Bittersweet Taro" from the Kilanche Fungus Forest.
        As you enter the Fungus Forest, you will see Kalen being attacked. If you can successfully fight off her two attackers, she will give you two quests. The first of these will reward the 12x "Wild Bittersweet Taro" which are quite awkward to gather normally.
    • Instance: Hall of Survivors (53+)
      • Just behind the first boss, there is a scroll lying on the floor. Clicking it will give you an "Old Work Log" that gives a quest.

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