Here is why Runes of Magic is best Middle-Earth game

  • Hey all Tolkien fans and Middle-Earth lovers warm welcome!

    I can show you how great Runes of Magic is and how you can feel in Middle-Earth while playing this game.

    Runes of Magic started since 2009 and the adventure continues...

    Chapter 1 Rise of the Demon Lord

    Chapter 2 The Elven Prophecy

    Before the elves you started the game from Pioneers Colony.

    You have no idea what is next? And you feel like every zone is safe and every people is happy.

    You discover new zones more and more! Elves come from far lands.

    They look like wise and strong.

    But why? The answer is pretty clear.

    Threat of Nagas and Demon Lord.

    Green Tower of Savage Lands, great statues of Aotulia Volcano, Origin instance and more...

    Big threat drives Taborea to fall and destroy.

    Dont allow! Stop this threat! And alloy with elves to this danger!

    All of this remarkable story of this game sounds like familiar!

    Like threat of Sauron, Orcs and goblins want to destroy Middle-Earth!

    Similarities that matters!

    You can feel this similarities sound like "infact..."

    # What about Elves?

    Elves from chapter 2 with two classes Warden and Druid.

    Beginning is Haven of Departure and later Varanas, Green Tower.

    # What about Two Trees of Valinor: Telperion and Laurelin?

    Origin is the instance that all pure things you can feel!

    You can find Taburen and Lorlin in the Origin instance.

    Taburen shine like silver and Lorlin shine like gold!

    They always shine and they give good energy to people!

    Time to save this trees! Save from the bugs and leechers!

    # What about Sauron?

    We have Sirloth! The source of all evil!

    Sirloth towards their forces to the Aotulia Volcano.

    Nagas and Lava transporters want to destroy Great Barrier.

    Sharleedah is the commander of nagas!

    In the Aotulia Volcano we have "Devil’s Mouth" No.. this is not "Mouth of Sauron" It just feels weird ... :)

    "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor..."

    "Its Black Gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful."

    You think you can survive Steel Bridge of Cremation?

    Naga armies always walk 20-25 man

    # What about Ents?

    You can find Ents in the game including Origin, Aslan Valley, Weeping Coast etc.

    # Where is Gandalf?

    Gandalf the Grey must defeat Balrog and Balrogs look like human, Right?

    Gestero is sleeping under the volcano. Without heart of Gestero you cant defeat Sirloth!

    And Aosniya is better example, pick your poison!

    Story deeply integrated! Love this game!

    But ... Sorry for this one :(

    And i am not sure about this one! We have records that can trigger some people Most likely Rings of Power fans :D

    Jade Valley quote from Runes of Magic Fandom

    "Thousands of years ago a meteorite fell down from the sky changing the soil in this area.

    The plants can reach tremendous proportions and are the reason behind the Jade Valley’s name.

    Because humans still have no idea of space, they worship this holy place and conceive the plants as a manifestation of divine and inexhaustible vital energy.

    The Jade Valley is the crater of a meteorite which formed a basin in the middle of the mountains.

    From the air you can sense the dense green which surrounds this place with interwoven briarwood in its center, which is called the Deep Corridor."

    # What about One Ring?

    To be honest you can understand how hard Runes of Magic is... and quest series... I completed all quests in this zone and i am very happy!

    After a long journey and completed bunch of quest series you can finally obtain Stone of Nature

    # What about dwarfs?

    Dwarfs came with chapter 5.

    Yrvandis Hollows is the zone their starting point to the game!

    They always strong miners. Using Champion and Warlock classes.

    You can only play this game with male dwarf. In Runes of Magic you cant find female dwarfs... Which is nice!


    # What about Hobbits?

    There is no Hobbits in the game!

    Adventurers! If you defeat Sirloth you can feel like Frodo and Sam! Tell me your story and hope, Challenge this game!