Runes of Magic


As announced, we are merging some of the European and two US servers next week to give you a more exciting and varied gaming experience in Runes of Magic.

The server merge

These are the new names of the merge servers:

  • INT1: Gaia
  • EU4: Aynara
  • EU5: Kadmos
  • US1: Ayvenas

The servers were merged as follows:

  • EU1 (EN) Vidar + EU11 (FR) Nuada + EU12 (ES) Ibergard + EU17 (PL) Nawia + EU23 (EN) Idun → INT1 (EN) Gaia
  • EU10 (DE) Rath + EU4 (DE) Asteria → EU4 (DE) Aynara
  • EU24 (DE) Zikiel + EU5 (DE) Garda + EU6 (DE) Baldr → EU5 (DE) Kadmos
  • US1 Aeterna + US8 Phoenix → US1 (EN) Ayvenas

What’s new:

Shop offers which are currently only available on Kerub/Svidur will also be made available on all servers!

We have also changed the Ruby system: you can continue spending rubies on the same items as you have before. However, there will be no more payback for purchases.

We will add the Training Range event on all servers.

Any more questions?

If you’d like to learn more about the server merge, you can read our FAQ.

We wish you all full servers, tons of fun and loads of action with plenty of new RoM friends!

The RoM Team